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A Learn to Read Book for the 21st Century

Phonics Things is an ABC, Phonics and ‘Learn to Read’ Book for the 21st Century.

It is a book everyone should have to learn to read.

Phonics Things is an indelible experience in sounds, vocabulary, poetry, and art.

Develop phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, reading fluency, and reading comprehension in entertaining and engaging ways.

Phonics Things is intended for both the school and home.

Eighty letters and letter combinations are brought to life with an illustration, definition, figurative language sample, story poem, and vocabulary word list.

Who Says What

Teaching reading is both a science and art. Science and scientific studies have told us that phonics (word recognition) is essential to learning to read. The challenge for teachers is to teach this science to students in ways that are artful, creative, and engaging for students (and teachers).
Brian Kissman’s Phonics Things is a superb example of how the science and art of teaching can complement one another. Phonics Things is a book that presents phonics concepts (letters and letter combinations, and the sounds they represent) through original paintings, poetry, and word play.
Brian has been intentional in his development of Phonics Things. The illustrations, poetry, and word displays have been chosen to develop not only students’ knowledge of phonics and its application in word recognition, but also to develop phonemic awareness, vocabulary, high level inferential comprehension, and aesthetic appreciation.
Phonics Things is a prime illustration of the way that phonics and reading can and should be taught—by informed teachers [and parents], using their wisdom and creativity to make something that has traditionally been taught in the most mundane ways (drill, repetition, worksheets, and rote memorization) into a learning activity that students will find incredibly engaging and satisfying—in both scientific and artistic terms.
Brian is an extraordinary teacher who has shown us how school, teaching, and learning can be for students and teachers.


Timothy Rasinski, Ph.D.
Professor Literacy Education
Kent State University, Kent, Ohio, USA

Learn to Read.
Read to Learn.

Reading intelligence is a driving force in learning. From phonemic awareness to phonics, reading fluency to reading comprehension, and listening skills to speaking skills, LearnOnPoint provides innovative literacy and learning tools that develop reading intelligence and more.

Phonics Things is an ABC, phonics, and "learn to read" book for the 21st Century.

Phonics Things is a literacy and learning tool used across the elementary school years and by learners of 'English as an Second Language.'

Literacy Mats is a groundbreaking book to develop the fundamentals of reading, writing, speaking, and listening.

Literacy Mats is a literacy and learning tool used from upper elementary throughout high school and beyond.

We 'learn to learn' through the pillars of literacy of lifelong learning: conversation to build and shape understanding, reading to make meaning, writing to express meaning, and presentation to inform, educate, and entertain. Be a lifelong learner!

The LearnOnPoint, Inc. Balanced Literacy Approach engages learners in the pillars of literacy. With a gradual release of responsibility, students learn to self-direct learning.

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Phonics Things

Phonics Things is an experience in sound, vocabulary, poetry, and art. It’s an ABC, phonics, and "learn to read" book for the 21st Century.

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Brian Kissman is available to present, consult, and train educational leaders, teachers and parents. Learn about "Who Says What?"

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Brian Kissman is a creative and innovative educator who thinks "outside the box."

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