How to Learn to Read with Phonics Things

An ABC Learn to Read Book

Phonics Things is an ABC, phonics, and learn to read book like never before!  
Phonics Things features the sounds of the English language in engaging and entertaining ways. Learn how to read and read to learn with Phonics Things.  Everyone needs an ABC book!  Phonics Things is for little ones, elementary students, and English language learners.

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Brian Kissman, Author

Brian Kissman

Author, Educator, Consultant, and Public Speaker

Brian Kissman is an author, educator, consultant and public speaker whose goal is to end the literacy crisis in the US and beyond by providing teachers, parents and students with groundbreaking and engaging learning tools anchored by scientific research. Brian’s core belief is that learning to read with proficiency and developing the language arts (reading, writing, conversation, and presentation) from early childhood are key skills to ending our literacy crisis and closing the achievement gap.

Brian’s innovative approach to learning has been developed through years of experience with numerous research-evidence best practice programs. 

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How to Read to Learn with Literacy Mats

The ABC's of Literacy

Literacy Mats is an innovative book and learning tool used to develop the fundamentals of literacy for lifelong learning — Reading, Writing, Conversation and Presentation — so that they become a habit of mind. Literacy Mats is a curriculum off the shelf — lesson learning points, enduring understandings, prompts, graphic organizers, rubrics, and more!

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